Kanthapuranam reveals that the Devas were harassed by the demon Surapathman. Unable to bear the torment, they appealed to lord Shiva. He sent forth his energy in the form of six rays through his third eye which fell into the Saravana pond and mystically turned into 6 boys. Later they became one to form the six headed Lord Skantha.

Lord Skantha undertakes a 6 day fast before waging war on demon Surapathman. The temple becomes a hive of activity, when devotees gather in the temple premises and carry out their fast. They read Thiruchenthurpuranam and Kanthashashti kavasam. On the sixth day Lord Shanmuga wages war against the demon and contains his ego and turns him into his emblem and vehicle. Following this the devotees break their fast and eat rice. Lord Shanmuga then gets married to Thevasena. This festival attracts large crowds. Maviddapuram becomes a hive of activity.


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