ethnic conflictIt will be quite appropriate to mention about the enormous destruction caused by the ethnic conflict which resulted in war. Against our wishes we were compelled to vacate from the Temple premises in October, 1990. Opportunity was not at all given to us to remove the valuables or to keep them in safe places. After a lapse of about five and a Half years we were allowed to visit the Temple on the 18th May, 1996 by the security forces.


We were so horrified by the prevailing site at the temple vicinity. The temple, its belongings and the surroundings were very much damaged and destroyed. This havoc was caused by heavy aerial bombings and random artillery attacks at the Temple and its vicinity. During this long duration this area was taken charge and was in full control of the security forces and civilian inhabitation was totally barred, the overall result was the severe destruction of the temple and all other buildings like Madams, Chatrams, and those residences of the priests and temple workers. It is very important to note that the “NIRTHA” Mandapam made out of Granite stones was damaged. The worshipping idols made out of “panchalogam” and some coated with gold have been robbed and was not able to be traced. The ornamental coverings of the flag-staff made of pure silver, which is a rare collection of this temple alone, was missing. The Waganams and Chariots were damaged and need major repairs. Very important rare Ola manuscripts, Valuable books and documents, Files pertaining to temple activities, and all other research documents and books were removed from the library and from the office. Several efforts to trace them did not prove fruitful. Ola manuscripts belonging to 11th century Disappeared.

The calm sacred spiritual atmosphere which prevailed in this area was totally disturbed and the area now seems as a desert. This is a serious impact of the war on the Temple and its neigh borhood in particular.


Now we think that it is the paramount duty of all of us to get together and rebuild the temple and its neighbourhood to its former order and bring back the sacred Atmosphere of this area. In this Divine venture everyone should join hands with us and have to participate without any distinctions, and make our Endeavour a success in the interest of future. It may be that it is a major project which needs a couple of years, yet it is very urgent and important that every one should participate in one way or other in this noble venture towards the restoration of this Ancient Historical Temple which has a very long history of many centuries.

Thus this is the duty of every noble Religious and Cultural minded citizen to take part in this sacred venture and restore the Religious and Cultural practices and noble functions of this ancient Temple. These functions and practices have been continuously observed and are characteristics of this temple for centuries and have now become mixed with regular religious customs and observations. These highly religious observances and practices have its origin from the Hindu Agama Shastras and will enhance, on observations, towards the development of a highly sophisticated and an orderly society.

Reference has to be made necessarily to the present economic position of the people of this area, weakened and depressed as they are, by unusual happenings and an inexplicable revolt of nature in the form of ravaging floods and storms. Hence our eyes naturally turn elsewhere, particularly to the governments of sympathetic nations that are inherently philanthropic enough to lend a helping hand to deserving causes and people in distress.


The vast damages and destruction caused to this temple was brought to the notice of Her Excellency the president Mrs. Chandrika Kumaratunga by me and by members of parliament Mr.S.Sivasithamparam (MP), Neelan Thiruchelvam (MP) (TULF) and by S.Sivathasan (MP) (EPDP) through Memorandums personal and representations, and these appealed Her Majesty the need to reconstruct this ancient historical temple in addition with Naguleswaram and Thirukketheswaram temples. Also in Parliament they stressed the need for the Renovations.

Having considered all these suggestions and information about the damages Her Excellency, the President Mrs.Chandrika Kumaratunga Granted financial assistant through “RAAN” from 01-09-1998 to 28-11-2001 amounting to Rs.14098958/= for Building constructions. Up to now 60 percent of the works had been completed.


During 2002, change of government forced us to halt the massive renovation works, the excuse given was lack of funds to grant for these projects. Yet the religious minded devotees helped us with little drops of funds to carry forward the works that had been started. During 2002, The Minister of Hindu Religious Affairs Hon Mr. T.Maheswaran (MP) a prominent Saivite and a well wisher of this temple, while on a mission to assess the damages and destructions of temples, visited this temple also. He inspected the ruins. Saw for himself the twelve acre temple complex area with full of ruins and rubbles along with huge growths of unwanted trees, shrubs and creepers and so on. He got shocked and doubted whether the temple complex will regain the past glory at the Earliest. He prayed Lord Skantha to offer ways and means and the required wealth to complete the renovations at the earliest. He felt very sorry towards the Financial Position of his Ministry that seemed insufficient to support for this high constructional Activities. Yet His Promise to grant substantial Aids within his limits of control surely symbolizes the gravity of his willingness to see this temple complex stand majestically as in the past. Having seen that the temple suffers in its travelling sections, the minister offered a charity by granting a three wheeled Auto for the use of the temple.


Here is an appeal in the course of the cultural religious and educational development of an area that is being served by this Ancient shrine. We are confident that our appeal is justified and therefore will appropriately yield fruitful result. Our congregation that is really representative of the Religious minded of this country and of the cultural enthusiast here in, will always be consciously grateful to their benefactors. I the High Priest of this holy shrine will never fail to make special prayers to Lord Skantha daily for the benefit of those showering such benevolence on these, associated with this spiritual centre.


Subjects Value
Metallic Idols (Gold and Pachalogam) 4,558,400.00
Jewelleries 97,000.00
Ornamental Fittings (Including Silver Flag stambam) 4,887,100.00
Utensils & Wares 79,940.00
Machineries & Electricals 232,900.00
Equipments 173,700.00
Stationeries 200,200.00
Waganams & Chariots 1,420,400.00
Costumes & Decorative Items 103,500.00
Miscellaneous Items 46,000.00
Total 11,799,140.00

Building Section

Subjects Value
Temple Building Damages and destructions 25,828,552.00
Three Charity Inns 700,000.00
Three Priest's Quarters 600,000.00
Total 27,128,552.00


The Srilanka Government, under instructions by her Excellency the President Mrs. Chandrika Kumaratunga,  from 01-09-1998 to 28-11-2001 has granted Rs. 14, 098, 958/= through “RAAN” for building constructions only.

Donations for the above subject items can be offered by cash or by kind or with building materials, or with machineries and equipments or with any possible assistance which seem fit.